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Requirements for filing an Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce

To get an Oklahoma uncontested divorce you must have resided in the state of Oklahoma for at least six months before filing your divorce petition. You can file your Uncontested divorce in Oklahoma in the county which you reside, or you can file in the county that your spouse resides in. You or your spouse must be a resident of your county for at least thirty days prior to filing. An uncontested divorce in Oklahoma can be finalized in as little as ten days- even of you have minor children! While there is a ninety day waiting period if you have minor children, this waiting period may be waived by the court upon the request of both parties. Oklahoma is a no-fault divorce state. This means that you can get an Oklahoma uncontested divorce without either spouse having to admit any wrongdoing (such as adultry). The no fault ground for an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma is "incompatibility". The filing fee for a divorce in Oklahoma is about $240. The filing fee may be waived if the spouse filing the divorce is unemployed or on a fixed income. Start you Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce today by phone call 918-441-7074

How our Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce Service Works

You can start your Oklahoma Uncontested divorce papers online or by phone with a real person. We gather all of the information needed to prepare your divorce forms. It takes about 5-10 minutes to compete the intake by phone or online. Below are some of the most common divorce packages we provide. Not sure if your spouse will sign the divorce papers? Can`t find your spouse? Is your spouse incarcerated? No problem! Find the divorce package that best fits your circumstances below

Here are our most popular Oklahoma uncontested divorce packages...

Cheap Oklahoma Waiver Divorce

The Oklahoma waiver divorce package allows you to file and finalize your uncontested divorce in Oklahoma without your spouse having to appear in court. Your spouse can simply sign a waiver in front of a notary and mail it back to you, or file it in court. For more information about the Waiver divorce call 1-800-503-5919 or click on the call us now button below.

Oklahoma Service Divorce Package

If you are not sure whether or not your spouse will sign the divorce forms, you may be able to file and finalize your Oklahoma uncontested divorce without your spouse`s signature. For more information about the Oklahoma service divorce package please call 918-441-7074 or click on the call us now button below.

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Oklahoma Publication Divorce

If you have made a diligent attempt to locate your spouse and have been unsuccessful, you can finalize your divorce by publishing a legal notice in the newspaper. You can file and finalize a publication divorce without your spouse`s signature. To speak with a paralegal please call 918-441-7074 click on the call us now button below.

Attorneys don't want you know that filing your own Oklahoma uncontested divorce is easy and affordable. We make sure that you receive all the completed documents, so all that you have to do is sign you papers, file them, and then appear at your court hearing to finalize the divorce. Did you know that your spouse will never have to appear in court? That's right! Filing and finalizing your own uncontested divorce is easy and affordable!

Our Service Guarantee

Your Oklahoma uncontested divorce papers are professionally prepared by paralegals using forms approved by the court that you are filling in. All of our forms are backed by a full money-back guarantee for court acceptance.

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How to Get Started

To start your Oklahoma Uncontested divorce you may complete our questionnaire online or by phone with a DS divorce specialist. To get started online please click on the start divorce questionnaire below.

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Start your Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce Today! We make getting and uncontested divorce in Oklahoma simple and very affordable. We are dedicated to helping our customers finalize their divorces as promptly as possible. Our friendly divorce specialist are available to answer any questions you may have.